Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm a terrible, horrible, no good very bad blogger. Woops.

So here I am trying to get back on the band-wagon.

A lot has happened in the last couple of months to our little family. Devin took his Step 1 board tests, we spent the summer in Utah, we came back to Oregon and moved our little family three hours south of Lebanon to a city called Medford, Devin started his 3rd year Medical School Rotations - oh, and did I mention I did all of this while pregnant with our second child?! Baby Girl is Due January 2nd!

Here's a few pictures that should sum up our last few months:

 On our way to Seven Peaks while we were in Utah. This kid makes his daddy proud!

My men!
Packing up and moving from Lebanon! Unfortunately we don't miss that apartment complex, at all.

Our new place in Central Point (Medford) has a garage! 

Braving the hair cut. 
It's a girl!
So precious. SJ loves his daddy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

when i woke up this morning i had a tweet from devin that said, "@megburr you need to update the blog so i can see what we've been up to. apparently he has a very short term memory.

so this one is for you, devin. also, it's for my mom, who has left me three comments and multiple g chat conversations asking me when i am going to update my blog.

we spent two weeks of December in Utah. it was great seeing family and friends! it was also fun creating SJ's first christmas.

we took SJ to his first BYU basketball game. he wasn't a fan of all that noise.

we went and saw the lights at temple square. it was pretty cold!

we went home and then a month later my parents flew SJ and i back out. SJ was a stud on the airplane.

we sang happy birthday to him at Mi Ranchito. he rocked the sombrero.

when we came home we went to the BYU/Portland game. thanks to our awesome connections (well, more like dev's brothers awesome connections) we sat directly behind the BYU bench.

this time, SJ slept through most of the game. granted, it was nowhere near as loud as the marriott center.

in march, dev and i went to our first (student) doctor black tie event.
the first three hours (i may be exaggerating, but that's what it felt like) was cocktail hour. i felt super fancy carrying around my jungle juice without the jungle.

then there was the dinner and presentation part of the night. (we skipped out right after dinner. don't judge - we had to get back to our baby!)
i'm pretty sure i used the wrong fork at some point during the night. (note the complimentary bottle of wine that each place setting got.)

when we are at home, SJ likes to play 'where's SJ'. when i am folding the clothes i will hear giggling, when i look over SJ has put something on his head. so cute.
where's SJ??

there he is!

he also likes to play with my headband. he thinks it's hilarious when it is on his head. i think it makes him look like a girl.

that face :)

today we were having fun in the bubble bath.

ok, maybe he needs a hair cut.

and that's pretty much it! at least until i get another tweet from dev :)

Friday, November 25, 2011


These last couple of days have been soooo nice! Devin finished school around noon on Wednesday and doesn't have to go back until Monday. His professor told the class that their only assignment for the weekend was to, 'forget about school'. So that is what we have been doing!

Wednesday we trekked up to Salem to go to Olive Garden. The usual 40 minute drive took us over an hour due to a semi truck running itself off the road, but other then that it was a great little outing!

SJ really enjoyed the marinara sauce...

I can't get over SJ's face in this picture. Apparently he doesn't like kisses all that much!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, we went over to our friends, Billy and Allison's, apartment for dinner. We made the jell-o salad, mashed potatoes and candied yams and they did the rest. We had a great time and I'm sad I forgot my camera so I couldn't take pictures.

Today we have: gone to Wal-Mart, continued our Harry Potter marathon that we started on Wednesday (we just finished the 6th one), re-arranged our family room, got out our Christmas tree and decorated for Christmas, and enjoyed lounging around as a family!

Our newly re-arranged family room! I'm glad we finally figured out a way to put the bookshelf up without
fear of SJ pulling it over.

SJ in front of our tree!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

our life in bullet points

Because I'm such a consistent blogger, I will be summing up our last couple of months through lots of pictures and bullet points. Bare with me!!

  • A couple of weeks ago Devin had a Monday off from school. So, we decided to pack up our little family and spend the day in Portland! It was our first time really exploring the city, and we loved it!
SJ getting ready to take on the city.
Possibly my new favorite place, Powell's Books. A HUGE bookstore!
 The inside of Powell's Books looked like a warehouse. They sell new and used books.
 An entire shelf dedicated to my childhood favorite, Nancy Drew. (The Hardy Boys were just across the way)
 My favorites

 Eating ice cream at Ben and Jerry's

  • About a month ago, Devin's parents and brother's family came and visited us! That weekend BYU played OSU and we were all able to go. It was a little weird going to a BYU 'away' game 15 minutes away from our home.
SJ was super excited for his first BYU game, ever!

 Due to so much excitement, SJ fell asleep at about half time
... and slept for almost the rest of the game.
  • SJ was a puppy for halloween. We went to a Halloween party at Devins school and also one that our ward put on. I may be a little biased, but I think SJ was the cutest puppy there.

(No more bullet points because my formatter just started being funky...)
SJ has started crawling and 'cruising'. One of his favorite places to 'cruise' is Macy's kennel.
 The only movie that SJ will actually 'watch' is Tangled. This means I have seen it at least twice everyday for the last couple of weeks. I could probably quote any scene of the movie line by line.

 SJ isn't a huge fan of the 'baby food'. I am also not a huge fan of waiting patiently for him to eat it. Dev is better at that than I am.
 SJ has also started throwing - everything. Devin and SJ will play a game where SJ throw something, Devin picks it up and gives it back to him saying, "Good throw," and, for some reason, this makes SJ laugh really hard. So cute.
 Macy got a bath and hair trimming today. She doesn't look quite as homeless.

That's about it for us. I look forward to doing another massive picture/update blog in May. Ha. Kidding - sorta.